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Me! A bit about the site owner . . .
My name is Evan. I live in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia. It's a beautiful city, rated as the second-best city in the world (we were #1 until Zurich nudged us out!) My front door is about six blocks from the Pacific Ocean, and within the city have about 8 different beaches to choose from, including the massive nude Wreck Beach. Summers are warm and sunny most of the time. In winter we rarely hit the freezing mark, and snow shows itself about three days a year. Unfortunately it's gray and rather rainy December through February so I usually travel to warmer, sunnier places during those months.
I enjoy a variety of forms of work. You can check out the web site I have for some of the stuff I do:
Male Kneads Vancouver's premier sensual masseur.
Hot Sweat Personal training with an erotic twist.
Stripped Clean Quite possibly the world's most media-discussed house cleaner.
XXX Net Host Quality web hosting at remarkably low prices.

Nude4Fun Photos of me naked in startlingly public places.

Friend and very helpful editor Richard prefers to remain anonymous. He resides in Toronto and can be contacted through the above email.


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