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tory Background

These stories were written simply as a leisure activity, but upon sharing them with friends I realized there was interest for them. They are designated as 'fiction' but in fact much of the content is based on personal experience. How much and which parts? You'll never know!
Stories marked with a
• have appeared in print publications.


 1 • Summer Yard Work Published in Freshmen magazine, June 2001. Exhibitionistic yard work leads to a sexual encounter. x
 2 • Christmas In Florida Published in the compilation book Three The Hard Way under the title Hot To Trot. While jogging I run into a couple hot guys that moves to a three-way in their back yard.  
 3 - Riverside Tease Sunning riverside after a lone nature hike I realize I'm being watched.  
 4 - Wreck Beach Summer Sunning in a secluded space on a nude beach attracts a hot guy.  
 5 - The Gym Shower The shower room after a workout can be an orgasmic place.  
 6 - New Jeans I get to try on more than some new pants at a clothing store.  
 7 - Tower Voyeur, Part I Skyscrapers and binoculars are a great combination.  
 8 - Tower Voyeur, Part II A voyeur/exhibitionistic relationship grows.  
 9 - Cabin Heat A cabin get away weekend develops into an intimate get-to-know-you time.  
10 - Heat on Skates An evening on in-line skates meets destiny.  
11 - Naked Dance, Part I The heat of a dance floor filled with naked men.  
12 - Naked Dance, Part II The heat of a one-on-one encounter with one of the naked dancers.  
13 - Hawaiian Nights A tropical evening walk with more.  
14 - Party Guest A boring party has incredible perks.  
15 - Massage Plus A massage session evolves.  
16 - Gym Scene, Part I The gym while on the road is a hot place.  
17 - Gym Scene, Part II The gym on the road is a really hot place.  
18 - Tropical Welcome, Part I Only hours of the plane for my vacation and I'm in bed with a hot guy.  
19 - Tropical Welcome, Part II The vacation brings more hot guys.  
20 - Peeping Jason, Part I The young guy next door is shy. But he's a voyeur, and I'm exhibitionistic.  
21 - Peeping Jason, Part II Thinking of ways to attract the neighbors attention.  
22 - Peeping Jason, Part III Showing off.  
23 - Peeping Jason, Part IV More showing it.  
24 - Peeping Jason, Part V Even more showing it all.  
25 - Peeping Jason, Part VI Trying to get him in-person.  
26 - Peeping Jason, Part VII The encounter.  
27 - On The Way to Rio, Part I Changed travel plans can be a bonus.  
28 - On The Way to Rio, Part II A wasted hotel room is bliss.  
29 - On The Way to Rio, Part III Membership in the Mile High Club.  
30 - Swimmer Boy Adventure at the beach.  
31 - Night Guard, Part I Night guard work used to be boring.  
32 - Night Guard, Part II Being a night guard is more than just work.  
33 - Swimming Lessons Taking swimming lessons has its perks.  
34 - Kiss My Ass Please?  

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